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Application Engineer III

The Inkjet (IJ) Print head (PH) Application Engineer will play a critical role in:
  • • Successful printer development by our OEM customers with Ricoh PHs
  • • Explorations in new IJ applications
  • • Contributing to new PH development


  • • Increased ease of integration of new printhead products.
  • • Success of new strategic application programs.
  • • Printhead specification matched with customer requirements.
  • • Smooth operation of printhead testing.


  • • Support our OEM customers for successful printer development into new fields like   graphics print, material deposition, 3D printing, and package printing.
  • • Perform printing and jetting tests; improve understanding of application requirements and   our product characteristics. Bring application perspective to product development teams.
  • • Provide technical support through understanding of customer application's needs and   issues.
  • • Create technical support materials such as technical documents and test tools.
  • • Serve as the in-house expert for production printhead qualification testing; establish test   protocols and pass/fail criteria, troubleshoot jetting anomalies, and support statistical   process control activities.
  • • Respond to, address, and resolve technical problems raised by customers.
  • • Determines methods and procedures on new assignments and may coordinate activities   with other functions (production, QA, sales & marketing) in the company.


  • • Bachelors’ degree in physics or engineering, or equivalent and 4 or more years of related   experience.
  • • Advanced applications engineering and technical support skills.
  • • Advanced problem-solving skills to arrive at practical solutions.
  • • Ability to communicate well with customers in both written and verbal English to convey   the information.
  • • Excellent written, verbal and presentation skills.
  • • Ability to effectively document and present information to sub-ordinates, customers and   management.
  • • Ability to communicate well in both written and verbal Japanese. Understand the products   design, specifications, integration techniques; and to explain customer issues and   requirements.
  • • Be able to work self-directed.


To apply, email resume and salary requirements

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