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Inkjet Technology

Inkjet Technology

About Inkjet Technology

image:About Inkjet Technology

Ricoh Printing Systems America, Inc. has over 30 years of piezo design and manufacturing experience and offers unmatched expertise in industrial ink jet technology. Having developed over 200 ink jet design patents worldwide, RPSA is a leader in Drop-on-Demand piezo ink jet design for industrial and specialty printing applications. RPSA imaging heads are built with advanced materials and manufacturing processes to enhance durability, minimize maintenance, and offer compatibility with a wide range of inks and specialty fluids.

Multiple Drop

RPSA is the holder of the original patent on multi-drop jetting techniques. This technology allows RPSA print heads to vary the effective drop size ejected by the print head allowing increased flexibility and enabling multiple application support. Multi-drop technology also enables grey scale printing by varying the drop size of each individually printed image pixel. Drops are ejected in rapid succession and then merge in flight before reaching the media surface.

image:Multiple Drop

Multi-drop jetting offers the integrator the flexibility to take a single system design across multiple applications.

Feature Benefit
•384 nozzles
•30 kHz
•Multiple Drop Sizes
   -7 picoliter
   -14 picoliter
   -21 picoliter
•Stainless Steel Construction
•60°C Operation
•High Performance
•High Performance
•Multiple Applications
   -High resolution apps
   -Medium resolution apps
   -High flow rate apps
•Multiple Jetting Fluids
•Multiple viscosity fluids

Ricoh Printing Systems America, Inc. has taken a world leading position in licensing its technology for customized solutions to system integrators in wide format graphics, textiles, 3-D modeling, digital workflow and laminate printing applications

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